Greek Fisherman Caps

For a timeless look, you can't do much better than a traditional Greek fisherman's cap! Popular with sailors and made fashionable again in the 1960's, these sturdy caps are a great choice for land or sea.

DelMonico Hatter sells Aegean caps- Aegean has been the maker of authentic Greek fisherman caps since 1886.

Aegean Greek Fisherman's Cap
Price: $37.00

The Greek Fisherman's Cap originated as a workwear hat for fisherman and factory workers in the early 19th century. It quickly evolved into one of the most popular hat styles, being worn by wo ... Read more »

Aegean Captain's Cap
Price: $52.00

The Aegean Captain's Cap is a perfect gift for the sailor in your life. A fisherman's style cap with a rounded flat crown and short front peak, this handsome wool blend cap is sturdy but soft and ... Read more »