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You'll find your hat at DelMonico Hatter

United States Hat Retailer of the Year

Felt hats, straw hats, caps, womens hats and other headwear items are available from the large in-store inventory of DelMonico Hatter. Located in New Haven, Connecticut, we have provided quality headwear to the hat-wearing public since 1908.

We offer mens hats and mens caps from the major domestic and international hat manufacturers. Brands offered include, Kangol, Tilley Hats, Borsalino Hats, Hoquy Beret, Wigens Hats, Bailey Hats, Akubra Hats, Stetson Hats and our very own DelMonico Brand Hats! The hat store, in addition to handling the major hat manufacturers, offers many styles of hats and caps. Fedora hats, panama straw hats, western hats, driving caps, felt hats, and outback hats are among the hat styles available.

Borsalino Hats

Made in Italy since 1857, many consider Borsalino Hats to be the finest quality headwear items in the world. The Company has been in Alessandria, Italy since its founding. Borsalino is a top-quality manufacturer of all types of headwear.

DelMonico Hatter features Borsalino fur felt fedora hats, panama straw hats and wool and cashmere driving and dress caps.

DelMonico Hatter carries the Borsalino Alessandria Fur Felt Hat which has been one of the most popular Borsalino styles for years! The company stopped producing this hat but our customers liked it so much that we got it custom made for our store by Borsalino! The Alessandria we carry now is the classic style that Borsalino has produced for years and the same one that Johnny Depp has popularized!

If you're looking for something new from Borsalino check out the Borsalino Seta Bicolore Fedora, a beautiful fur felt fedora with a unique brushed silk finish and a two-tone grosgrain hat band. A perfect accessory for your modern wardrobe!

Borsalino has continued to produce the highest-quality hats and caps for the past 160 years. The beautiful Italian craftsmanship can be seen in every hat they make.

Stetson Hats

American Hatter John B. Stetson started making Stetson Hats in Philadelphia in 1865. At its peak, Stetson's factory employed more than 5,000 workers and produced more than 3 million hats annually. Now, 150 years later, Stetson Hats and Stetson Caps are licensed and manufactured worldwide.

DelMonico Hatter has been in business since 1908, and we have been carrying the Stetson brand for many years. This year, Hatco, the manufacturer of Stetson felt hats and straw hats in North America, recognized DelMonico Hatter as the "Dress Hat Retailer of the Year". In hatter lingo, "dress hats" are the non-Western style hats that are often called Fedoras. We earned this award for selling more Stetson Dress Hats than any other retailer in the United States, a feat of which we are very proud.

The Stetson Chatham and Stetson Temple have been favorites with our buyers for many seasons. Among the new Stetson styles for Fall/Winter 2017 are the Stetson New York Open Crown Fedora, a beautiful open crown fedora which can be shaped into any style you choose, and the Stetson Special Edition Whippet Fedora, an updated version of the Stetson Fur Felt Whippet which features new colors and is trimmed in unique accents for a modern look! Look at our entire line of new Stetson Fedora Hats.

For Weekend wear DelMonico Hatter offers the Stetson Weekend and the Stetson Roadster. Also, the Stetson Gun Club Collection continues to be popular with our customers. A popular and classic western style in the Stetson Gun Club Fall/Winter collection is the Stetson Skyline Hat available in black, silverbelly, and chocolate. This hat captures the iconic western style and is trimmed with a sleek felt band and silver buckle detail.

Of course, Stetson Western Hats are in the DelMonico Collection. Stetson Western hats have been known for years as the "Hat of the West", starting from their original Cowboy Hat of the 1860's, the "Boss of the Plains".

Our Stetson Collection includes Stetson Casual Hats including crushable felt hats, Stetson Panama Hats and Stetson Cloth Hats and Caps - DelMonico Hatter offers all of them.

Stetson - it's not just a hat, it's the hat.

Fedora Hats

The Fedora Hat is the signature men's felt hat. Fedora hats have a wider than average brim and a soft-crushable feel to the felt. The fedora style hat is creased lengthwise down the crown and pinched in the front at both sides. Fedora hats are always trimmed with a hat band. On most fedora hats the hat band is made from silk grosgrain but the hat band may be made from other material.

DelMonico Hatter has an extensive selection of fedora hats from the Litefelt Fedora made from wool felt to the Borsalino Beaver Fur Felt Hat made from 100% beaver fur. From Borsalino, the world famous Italian hat maker, our selection includes Borsalino Como, Borsalino Casual Crusher, Borsalino Beaver Ultimate, Borsalino Verdi, Borsalino Bellagio, and Borsalino Classic Fedora. We also have fedora hats from the American hat maker Stetson including the Stetson Temple fur felt hat and the Stetson Saxon fur felt hat.

Wigens Caps and Wigens Hats

A fashionable outlook. Swedish headwear company Wigens has been dressing heads in hats and caps for over a century now, meeting people's need for functional and fashionable headwear. Classic caps like the Wigens Carl Ivy Style Cap are perennial bestsellers, Harris Tweeds like the Wigens Hans Ivy Style Cap show timeless style, and cozy Winter aviators like the Albert Faux Fur Aviator Hat are fun and functional. The Wigens Julian is a uniquely Wigens shape has developed a strong following among our buyers.

Swedish originals - Wigens caps and Wigens hats have endured the elements and outlived every trend with quiet confidence. Handcrafted, using skills that have been passed down over a century, every Wigens cap is an inspiring testament of what we can achieve when we put our hearts and souls into what we do.

The collection of Wigens caps for Fall/Winter certainly lives up to the high expectations that have been built up during previous seasons. What sets Wigens caps apart is the styling, craftsmanship and genuine hand-made quality. The materials used are top-notch, and the hats are excellently sized. Enjoy looking and feeling great in your favorite items!

DelMonico Hatter, U.S. Hat Retailer of the Year has a full collection of Wigens Newsboy Caps, Ivy Caps, Aviator Hats and Longshoreman Caps in a distinctive selection of tweeds and solid colors. A legacy of quality and great design from Wigens. Wigens says "Use Your Head."

Akubra Australian Hats

Akubra Hats are genuine fur felt hats, hand made in Australia. Just as Stetson is the signature American hat brand, so is Akubra for Australia: it is a distinctly Australian Hat with a style all its own. For 100+ years, Akubra has used high quality superfine rabbit fur, luxurious linings, full-grain leather sweatbands and handsome trims to make hats that have become an unmistakable part of Australia's heritage.

New to DelMonico Hatter is the Akubra Adventurer. Despite only having it for a few weeks this hat has already become one of our most popular styles! It is made from a sturdy fur felt and comes with an open crown, allowing you to block it into whichever crown shape you prefer. This style can also be blocked to the same shape as the Indiana Jones hat with a shaped brim and a dramatic pinch in the front.

Akubra also has a full offering of "Outback Style" Hats. The Akubra Snowy River Hat has a low 4 1/4" pinched crown, a 3 1/4" rolled brim, a beautiful braided leather hat band and the signature "Aussie Dip" in the front and back of the brim. It is a great look that is popular with our customers.

The Akubra Banjo Paterson is a downbrim style hat. Part of the Akubra Heritage Collection, the Banjo Paterson Hat is named after the famous Australian writer/poet of the same name. A unique feature of the Akubra Banjo Paterson is the hat band made from Barramundi, which is an Australian fish. The band has a smooth, shiny finish with a marbled quality.

DelMonico Hatter has Akubra hats in stock now and ready to ship.

Interested in learning more about Akubra? Here is an Akubra Hat History article we put together in honor of Australia Day.

Genuine Panama Hats

Panama Hats are hand-woven in Ecuador from the fine fibers of the Jipijapa palm. They are imported from South America and finished for DelMonico Hatter in Italy and the United States. The Panama Hat comes in several styles from the wide-brimmed DelMonico Islander to the pinch-crown Retro and the open-crown Optimo Style. The Retro style features a medium to wide brim - it reminds you of the hats worn by men in the middle years of the last century. Because of their lightness, Panama hats are worn in warm weather and the wide brim provides sun protection. DelMonico Hatter features panama hats from Borsalino Hats of Italy, Stetson Hats and our own distinctive DelMonico Hat brand.

DelMonico Hatter offers Panama hats in several grades starting with the Stetson Retro Panama Straw Hat and moving to the DelMonico Panama Straw Hat Retro Style, Stetson Centerdent Panama Straw Hat, Borsalino Panama Hat and the Borsalino Quenco Fino Panama Hat. DelMonico Hatter offers Montecristi Panama Hats from Pantropic.

Biltmore Hats

Bilmore Hats was founded in 1917 as one of Canada's premiere hat manufacturers. For almost a century Biltmore has maintained their dedication to quality and design. Biltmore employs a team of master hatters with an average tenure of 25 years.

To this day Biltmore hats continue to be at the forefront of the modern fashion world. Their new styles such as the Biltmore Budapest Round Crown Fedora which features a stylish flat brim and an open crown which can either be shaped into the crown type of your chosing or left in the open shape for a unique look. Biltmore also continues to produce their classic fedora styles in various colors as seen with the Biltmore Uptown Fedora.

Hoquy French Berets, by Laulhere

DelMonico Hatter is proud to offer the Hoquy Wool Beret, made in France by Laulhere.

Laulhere was recently featured on the CBS Morning Show as the last authentic beret maker in France. To check out the article and video click here!

Constructed from dense, water-repellent wool, the Hoquy Beret is part of the Laulhere "Heritage DeLuxe" Line. It is a high-quality beret, with a very smooth feel. It takes a half-mile of merino wool to create the Hoquy!

The beret is lined, and has an interior leather sweatband to help it fit snugly on your head. The material is waterproof and resistant to ultraviolet light. It can be worn by either men or women.

An advantage of the Hoquy Beret is that you are able to roll it up for quick storage. The beret will keep its shape when you put it back on, even after being kept rolled-up inside your pocket or bag. The interior beret has an embroidered "Hoquy" and "Laulhere" logo, so you can be sure the product is authentic.

Laulhere, based in Oloron Sainte-Marie, a town in the foothills of the Pyrenees, has been making berets for almost 175 years. Berets were invented by shepherds to protect themselves from the damp Basque weather. Initially, beret-making was a cottage industry that became industrialized as factories were opened in the early 19th century. The industry grew until there were 30 factories making berets in the town of Oloron Sainte-Marie.

Laulhere is now France's last remaining top-quality manufacturer of this quintessentially French product.

Kangol Hats

The Autumn/Winter Kangol Headwear Collection is built on the fundamentals of tradition, quality, and craftsmanship. Warm, cozy fabrics and winter weight wools anchor the Kangol Hat Autumn/Winter Collection. These Kangol hats and caps are fashionable, functional, fun and flattering - quintessentially Kangol. Celebrating their 78th year, Kangol has everything you need to look your best this season.

This Kangol season is inspired by street fashion in the modern age. Kangol focuses on high tech fabrics, laser etching, whimsical robots and other aspects of modern technology to made their line this season cutting edge.

The Kangol Bermuda Casual, worn by LL Cool J, is back again this season and is available in the full range of bright Kangol colors to match every mood. Kangol's line of wool caps and baseball caps are perfect modern additions to a Winter wardrobe while remaining stylish and comfortable all season long.

This season features new textures, patterns, and details to make classic items look brand new, such as the elegant metallic etching on the Kangol Laser Open Crown Hat, or the fun and fuzzy Kangol Faux Fur Casual Hat, perfect for the chilliest weather. Also popular this season is Kangol's selection of baseball caps ranging from classic iconic styles to more modern street styles.

No matter what your style, Kangol has the answer for the long days of winter.

Betmar Hats for Women

Betmar Hats of New York - An elegant Collection of Women's Hats. For more than seventy-five years Betmar has offered an extensive collection of hats for women.

The Fall/Winter 2017 Betmar Hat Collection is a fabulous selection of warm felt hats. This season features a number of wide brims in deep jewel tones, perfect for the fall and winter weather. Betmar has also continued to produce their staples such as the Betmar Wool Beret and the Betmar Rhinestone Cap.

Elegant styling, fashionable colors, handsome trimming, winning shapes, great looks - Betmar Hats have it all!

Look great and stand out from the crowd in this season's Betmar Hats for Women.

DelMonico Hatter has the entire Betmar Collection available.

Doria Caps from Italy, Fine Winter Caps for Men & Women

For many years, DelMonico Hatter has been a leading U.S. seller of Borsalino Caps. These caps carried the Borsalino label, but the caps themselves were hand-made in Italy on Borsalino's behalf by a company called "Doria."

In 2014, the Borsalino Caps by Doria were not available in the United States. Not wanting to deny such a well-made product to our customers, DelMonico Hatter reached out to Doria directly, and we are now pleased to announce our very own "DelMonico by Doria" cap line!

Constructed from the finest materials, these caps display the highest quality Italian craftsmanship available. They are the same fine caps as before, made in the same factory, by the same men and women, now with the DelMonico name.

DelMonico by Doria includes caps made from Linen, Cotton, Wool, and rich Wool/Cashmere Blends. Styles include Newsboy Caps, Pub Caps, and Ivy Cap shapes.

Indiana Jones Hats

Hats off to Indy! DelMonico Hatter sells Indiana Jones Official Licensed Hats. The newest film, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, was released in May, 2008. It is an action-packed, fun-filled adventure for the entire family. In the movie, you see the hat before you see Indiana Jones himself.

We think that the best action in the film is the high-speed car chase that was filmed on location in New Haven, Connecticut - just two blocks from our store!

Indiana Jones Hats are more popular than ever. DelMonico Hatter offers a number of styles of the Indiana Jones licenced hats. The Indiana Jones Fur Felt Hat which is a beautiful sturdy fur felt material fedora. Finished inside with a leather sweatband and a full satin lining. Also in stock is the Indiana Jones Wool Felt Fedora, the same block as the Indiana Jones Fur Felt Fedora but made from a wool felt material. Lastly is the Indiana Jones Crushable Wool Felt Fedora. This innovative fedora is built for durability. Made from a soft packable wool felt, this hat has also been treated to give it an added amount of water resistance. Making it perfect all-weather hat!

Tilley Hats

Tilley Endurables Hats - Guaranteed for life against wearing out. Tilley Hats tie on in the wind, float, and won’t shrink or mildew.

Sun Protection - All Tilley Hats have been tested and certified to an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50+, the maximum rating given.

There's more to a Tilley Hat than meets the eye!

  • Insured against loss or grievous damage: 2 years, all perils, 50% deductible
  • Guaranteed for life not to wear out.
  • Free replacement if it ever wears out, falls apart, shrinks, or mildews.
  • "Secret Pocket" in crown is Velcro-sealed. Stow away your hotel key, cash, or credit card.
  • The Tilley Hydrofil® anti-sweat band is soft, comfortable, and wicks perspiration away from your forehead.
  • Ventilation - Tilley Airflo Hats incorporate mesh into the crown to help perspiration evaporate quickly.
  • Adjustable, tuckaway, fore-n-aft wind cord keeps the Tilley Hat on in the heaviest of gales - truly a Sailor's hat.
  • Thar she floats! Non-absorbent foam liner in the crown adds buoyancy and noggin protection.
  • Comfortable - Designed to fit low and loose, held on by gravity or the wind cords, not by painful pressure around your head.
  • Won't shrink. Machine or hand washable. Air dries in a few hours
  • 4-Page Owner's Manual Included
  • Repels rain.

Lock & Co. Hats

DelMonico is proud to offer a number of hats from Lock & Co Hatters in London. James Lock & Co. Ltd. at number 6 St. Jamess's Street, London. Established 1676, is the oldest hat shop in the world. DelMonico Hatter is pleased to offer Lock & Co. hats in the United States.

Lock & Co Optimo Panama Hat, hand-woven in Ecuador and blocked and trimmed in the United Kingdom. This Folder Panama has a 2 3/4" and can be rolled-for travel.

We also offer a selection of felt hats from Lock & Co such as the Lock & Co Fur Felt Homburg a beautiful pinch-front fedora in a light fawn color. Or the Lock & Co. Voyager Flex Fedora which is a beautiful short brim fedora with an open crown that can be shaped into any style you like.