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Akubra Hats are genuine fur felt hats made in Australia. Much as Stetson is the iconic American hat brand, an Akubra is a distinctly Australian Hat with a style all its own - and the quality of hand-made felt to boot. For over 100 years, Akubra has used the highest-quality superfine rabbit fur, luxurious hat linings, full-grain leather sweatbands and handsome trims to create hats that have become an unmistakable part of Australia's heritage.

The Akubra Adventurer a gorgeous fur felt open crown fedora which comes in black and brown. The open crown can be shaped based on your personal preference. This hat also has the same dimensions as the Indiana Jones fedora and can be shaped to look exactly like the one worn by Harrison Ford in the movies!

Akubra also has a full offering of Aussie-inspired "Outback Style" Hats. The Akubra Snowy River Hat has a low 4 1/4" pinched crown, a 3 1/4" rolled brim, a beautiful braided leather hat band and the signature "Aussie Dip" in the front and back. It is a great look that is popular with our customers.

The Akubra Banjo Paterson is a downbrim-style hat, Part of the Akubra Heritage Collection, the Banjo Paterson Hat is named after the acclaimed Australian writer/poet of the same name. A unique feature of the Akubra Banjo Paterson is the hat band made from Barramundi, an Australian fish. The hat band has a smooth shiny finish with a marbled quality.

Interested in learning more about Akubra? Here is an Akubra Hat History article we put together in honor of Australia Day, which is kind of like Australia's "4th of July".

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Akubra Hemp Balmoral Hat
Price: $120.00

The Akubra Hemp Balmoral Hat is a great outdoor hat for summer, with a very tight close weave that allows tons of flexibility and softness without sacrificing durability. Made from 100% sturdy he ... Read more »
Akubra Banjo Paterson Hat
Price: $184.50

Akubra Banjo Parterson Hat is included in the Akubra Heritage Collection of fine quality hats Made in Australia. The Banjo Paterson is named after the acclaimed Australian writer/poet of the sam ... Read more »
Akubra Snowy River Australian Hat
Price: $152.50

The Akubra Snowy River hat has a low 4 1/4" pinched crown, 3 1/4" rolled brim, a beautiful braided leather hat band and the signature Aussie Dip in front and back. The Snowy River is the premier ... Read more »
Akubra Cattleman Hat
Price: $149.50

The Akubra Cattleman is made from Akubra's Imperial Quality pure fur felt, and says a lot about its wearer. The Cattleman is produced for the Australian Cattlemans's Hall of Fame, chosen because ... Read more »
Akubra Stylemaster Hat
Price: $159.50

The Akubra Stylemaster Hat is a pinched telescope crown fedora perfect for work or evening wear. This fedora is 4-1/4 inches at the front, rising to 4-3/4 inches on the side and then down to 3-7/ ... Read more »
Akubra Adventurer Open Crown Fedora
Price: $160.00

The Akubra Adventurer Open Crown Fedora is a Fur Felt Fedora. This hat comes with an open crown which can be uniquely shaped based on your preference and style. This hat has the same dimensions a ... Read more »