Accessories For Your Outfit

After you find the perfect hat, complete your outfit with the perfect accessories. Here you'll find gloves in leather, fur or soft fleece, and scarves to add style or warmth. Match your hat or get something totally new.

Accessories to Care for Your Hat

We also have accessories to help you with the care and maintenance of your hat, to make it look better and last longer. The best care for your hat is periodic brushing with a soft brush. Also, the use of a Hat Jack when you are not going to wear your hat for a long period of time will help your hat fit better and reduce shrinking.

Periodic steaming (you can use a tea kettle) and brushing will enhance the appearance of the felt. And one more suggestion - when you are storing your hat, it is best to use a hat box. Many of our quality felt hat items come with hat box included.

Hat Jack
Price: $21.50

The Hat Jack is designed to help you to retain the shape and fit of your hats. The Hat Jack is placed in the hat when the hat is not being worn. Consider that the Hat Jack serves the same funct ... Read more »
Crown Cap Shearling Earmuffs
Price: $27.50

These Crown Cap Shearling Earmuffs are the perfect addition to your winter outfit for the utmost in comfortable warmth. Conveniently foldable and packable, these plush genuine sheepskin shearling ... Read more »
Wiebke Ladies Dress Leather Gloves
Price: $29.95

These Wiebke Ladies Black Leather Gloves are the perfect accessory for your winter wardrobe. Smooth buttery deerskin leather and a soft unlined interior make for a comfortable fit and classic loo ... Read more »
Wiebke Mens Leather Thinsulate Gloves
Price: $37.50

The Wiebke Mens Leather Thinsulate Gloves are the best choice for dress gloves this winter. Smooth supple deerskin leather on the outside with decorative tucked stitches on the top looks handsome ... Read more »
Wiebke Ladies Leather Thinsulate Gloves
Price: $37.50

The Wiebke Ladies Leather Thinsulate Gloves are the best combination of style and sensibility- the smooth deerskin leather gloves are elegant and classic, a look that adds style to any winter out ... Read more »
Kangol Comfort Knit Scarf Hood
Sale Price: $39.10    Price: $46.00

The Kangol Comfort Knit Scarf Hood is a genius combination of a scarf and wide feminine hood for the perfect way to stay warm this Winter. Made of a touchably soft angora blend fabric, this knit ... Read more »
Hat Brush
Price: $16.00

The Hat Brush is a special brush designed to care for wool felt and fur felt hats. This brush has a wooden handle which fits comfortably in the hand and dark bristles which make it perfect for cl ... Read more »
Wigens Leif Houndstooth Scarf
Price: $85.50

The Wigens Leif Houndstooth Scarf is a long, luxurious 100% wool scarf perfect for elevating your winter style. Nearly 6 feet long and 10 inches wide, with tasteful short fringe o either end, thi ... Read more »