DelMonico Boater Straw Hat
Price: $165.00

The DelMonico Boater Straw Hat is one of the most classic styles of hats. This style is referred to as a Skimmer, Boater, Sennit Hat, Basher, as well as many other names, and reached it's peak po ... Read more »
Stetson Sennett Straw Boater
Price: $160.00

The Stetson Sennet Straw Boater is a classic style boater hat made from a sturdy coburg straw. Boater hats, also known as Skimmer, Basher, or Sennet hats, became popular in the early 20th century ... Read more »
Stetson Amsterdam Boater Hat
Price: $99.50

The Stetson Amsterdam Boater Hat is a lightweight summer boater hat made from a flexible wheat straw. Finished inside with a cotton sweatband for maximum comfort. The hat is trimmed with a blue a ... Read more »
Brooklyn Hat Co. Deadwood Boater
Price: $59.95

The Brooklyn Hat Co. Deadwood Boater is a Wool Felt Boater. Finished with a double grosgrain hat band and a water tower pin. The hat is designed to be one-size fits most and the interior sweatban ... Read more »
Kangol Stripe Boater Hat
Sale Price: $89.25    Price: $105.00

The Kangol Stripe Boater brings to mind the jazzy style of the 1920's with a soft modern woven straw blocked into a flat top boater shape. The brim has a bound edge with a curved up shape that ca ... Read more »
Kangol Wheat Braid Boater Hat
Sale Price: $51.00    Price: $60.00

The Kangol Wheat Braid Boater Hat is a cheerful summer straw hat in the classic boater style, with a wider flat brim and traditional lines. The substantial straw is carefully woven for a spiral s ... Read more »
Kangol Zip Boater Hat
Sale Price: $97.75    Price: $115.00

The Kangol Zip Boater Hat is a creative new style from this fashionable brand, taking elements of the classic boater hat- the flat topped crown and flat brim- and bringing it into current style w ... Read more »
Scala Panama Skimmer Hat
Price: $140.00

Scala Genuine Panama Skimmer Hat. This is a lighter weight version of the traditional Skimmer Hat which is also called the Boater Hat (see below). Traditional Skimmer/Boater shape made in the th ... Read more »
DelMonico Skimmer Straw Hat
Price: $110.00

The DelMonico Skimmer Straw Hat is the traditional style skimmer hat. It is made from a thin lightweight straw perfect for the summer weather. Unlike the traditional skimmer hat this is made from ... Read more »