Costume Hats

Hats can be the perfect accessory to complete any costume. Weather you're going to a theme party, getting ready for Halloween, or just looking to dress like your favorite character, we've got just the hat for you!

Check out some of our costume ideas below! We've picked some of our favorite characters and the hats you'd need to complete their costume.

Stetson Aviatrix

Worn by Agent Peggy Carter in Marvel's Agent Carter TV series.

Stetson Metropolitan

This beautiful fur felt felt fedora is the same one worn by Jarvis in Marvel's Agent Carter TV series. A classic centerdent fedora in a deep sage green color and brown band.

St.Patrick's Day Derby

The Riddler has been one of the most iconic Batman Villains in Gotham. Sporting an iconic green derby with a purple hat band with an embroidered question mark. This hat comes with a matching green band.

Stetson Hutchins

As The Doctor would say "I wear a Stetson now, Stetsons are cool!". This hat is the exact same model worn by Matt Smith in Doctor Who! If you're looking to match his style exactly this is the hat for you!

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Indiana Jones

One of the most iconic hats of our time, the Indiana Jones hat as worn by Harrison Ford is known by practically everyone. DelMonico Hatter is proud to offer the officially licenced Indiana Jones hats! Just like the ones seen in the classic movies!

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Stetson Amsterdam

Transport yourself back to the roaring 20's and the era of swing and prohibition with this boater! Jay Gatsby was known for his dapper dress and straw boater with striped band.

Stetson Marfa Hat

The masked crusader Zorro, defending the common people against injustice. Disguising his true identity as Don Diego de la Vega, he wears a mask and Bolero style hat to complete his look.

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Bailey Harker

The Bailey Harker Hat is a handsome derby style hat in smooth brushed wool felt finish. With a high crown this hat matches the style of many classic bowlers seen in movies like A Clockwork Orange.

Stetson Saxon

Don Draper, known for his dapper style and advertising prowess, often paired luxury hats with his tailored suits. On the show he wore hats by the famous hat-maker Stetson. DelMonico Hatter carries both Stetson styles worn by Jon Hamm on the show, the Stetson Saxon (pictured left) and the Stetson Inwood.

Bailey Jett

The iconic hat worn by Bryan Cranston as Walter White in Breaking Bad. This Pork Pie style hat has been seen throughout history and is still a fashionable modern style even today!

Bailey Derby Wool Felt Hat

Master of the silent comedy, Charlie Chaplin was known for his bowler hat and small mustache. We have a number of bowler hats so you can match his style perfectly!

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Akubra Adventurer

Back in the days of classic Doctor Who, Tom Baker as the fourth doctor was known for his wild outfits, usually consisting of a massive scarf and shaped fedora. The Akubra Adventurer hat comes with an open crown which you can shape into whatever your crown preference is. Allowing you to match The Doctor's hat no matter what style it is!

Scala High Crown Top Hat

When you think of Abe Lincoln you think of top hats. And often times when you think of top hats Abe Lincoln comes to mind. This top hat has a high crown of 8", much taller than any other top hats we have! Perfect for an Abe Lincoln costume or even as the perfect accessory to finish off a steampunk costume!

Dorfman Straw Pith Helmet

As worn by Meryl Streep in Out Of Africa, the pith helmet is an iconic style for anyone looking to go on a safari. From Karen Blixen to Dr. Livingstone this hat has been seen for decades as an adventurer's hat. This hat also makes for a wonderful addition to any summer steampunk outfits!

DelMonico Bolero

"Remember, remember! The fifth of November, The Gunpowder treason and plot; I know of no reason Why the Gunpowder treason Should ever be forgot!" Played by Hugo Weaving, V hides himself behind a Guy Fawkes mask and bolero hat as he attempts to overthrow the government in V for Vendetta.

Betmar Wool Beret

Dressing up as a Mime? Looking to complete your costume as a stereotypical french person or poetry-reading beatnik? Then this is the perfect hat for you!

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