Christys' Hats

Quality by Christys'. From Bowlers and Trilby Hats to Ivy Caps and everything in between, Christys' of London takes pride in providing quality hats of stature in the traditional way. Using hatting skills established over 200 years ago, the dedication of their highly skilled craftsmen and women continue to keep a valuable industry very much alive.

Hats like the ones featured here are hand-constructed, ensuring that Christys' distinctive character always comes through with craftsmanship worthy of its name.

Christys' Fur Felt Bowler
Price: $300.00

Christys' Genuine Fur Felt Bowler is a hallmark of the Christys' line. Hand-crafted, blocked, and trimmed with the hat-making experience of over 200 years. This Bowler is Made in England. The ... Read more »
Christys' Outback Style Panama Hat
Price: $192.50

Cristys' Grade 8 Panama Hat Hand-Woven in Ecuador, finished in the USA. Hat is Outback style with the 3" brim shaped down front and rear. There are ventilation holes on each side of the crow ... Read more »
Christys' Grade 8 Safari Style Panama Hat
Price: $165.00

The Christys' Grade 8 Safari Style Panama Hat is a fine quality grade 8 genuine panama straw hat in a classic safari style. The downbrim is 2 1/4 inches for a nice amount of shade on sunny days, ... Read more »