Bailey Contemporary Style Hats

Bailey of Hollywood Contemporary Style Hats. Bailey has a dynamic Collection of fine hats with a modern flair. These hats are made from a range of felts with unique modern details. Many have wider, flatter brims keeping on trend with the current fashion world.

DelMonico Hatter, U.S. Hat Retailer of the Year, has a full selection of Bailey Contemporary Hats to suit your style.

Bailey Templer II Hat
Sale Price: $318.75    Price: $375.00

The Bailey Templer II Hat is a new fashion-forward hat from Bailey's fall 2016/17 collection. With a sharp pinch centerdent crown and a wide 3" moldable brim this hat is a modern take on the clas ... Read more »
Bailey Redd Hat
Sale Price: $318.75    Price: $375.00

The Bailey Redd Hat is a high-end fashion forward fedora from Bailey's new fall line. This fedora features a tall teardrop crown which slopes down in the back to give a dramatic shape to the crow ... Read more »
Bailey Antone Hat
Sale Price: $276.25    Price: $325.00

The Bailey Antone Hat is a dressy modlable crown fedora made from a high quality blend of Beaver and Rabbit fur felt. The moldable crown gives a new level of customization to this classic fedora ... Read more »
Bailey Mader Hat
Sale Price: $276.25    Price: $325.00

The Bailey Mader Hat is a low-profile centerdent fedora with a pinch front crown. This high-end fedora is made from a blend of Beaver and Rabbit fur felt. Featuring a 2 1/4" snap brim and a Japan ... Read more »
Bailey Cosgrove Hat
Sale Price: $106.25    Price: $125.00

The Bailey Cosgrove Hat is a modern take on the pork pie style hat. With an exaggerated 3 1/3" bound edge brim and a standard telescope crown, this hat has a truly unique look. Finished with a Ja ... Read more »
Bailey Hiram Hat
Sale Price: $106.25    Price: $125.00

The Bailey Hiram Hat is a classic style centerdent fedora with the centerdent pushed out giving the hat a new, modern look. This soft wool felt fedora has a 3" flat brim and is finished with a Ja ... Read more »
Bailey Barr Hat
Sale Price: $93.50    Price: $110.00

The Bailey Barr Felt Hat has a center dent crown and a 2" Brim. Made of 100% Virgin Wool with a unique suede finish; lightweight, packable, and luxurious. The hat has a matching grosgrain ha ... Read more »
Bailey Antis Hat
Sale Price: $276.25    Price: $325.00

The Bailey Antis Hat is a new high-end fedora from Bailey's Fall 2016/17 season. Made from a blend of beaver fur and rabbit fur felt, this hat is a perfect way to dress up your fall wardrobe. Thi ... Read more »
Bailey Olin Hat
Sale Price: $297.50    Price: $350.00

The Bailey Olin Hat is classic style fedora made from a blend of Beaver fur and rabbit fur felts for a luxurious feel. This fedora has a centerdent crown with a narrow pinch in the front and a 2 ... Read more »
Bailey Lydon Hat
Sale Price: $255.00    Price: $300.00

The Bailey Lydon Hat is a luxurious feeling fedora made from a fine-quality fur velour. This fedora has a high centerdent crown and a 2 3/4" snap brim. Finished with a Japanese grosgrain hat band ... Read more »
Bailey Curtis Hat
Sale Price: $72.25    Price: $85.00

Bailey Curtis is a Litefelt(R) hat in the Casual Felt Hat Collection. The brim is 2 1/2" worn turned-down all the way-around. The crown has a low-profile and with a pinch. Bailey uses lea ... Read more »
Bailey Billy Packable Hat
Sale Price: $51.00    Price: $60.00

Bailey Billy has a teardrop crown and a stingy 1 3/4" brim that is snapped-down in the front. It is a soft, flexible braid hat with a matching braid hat band and an interior sweatband inclu ... Read more »
Bailey Wynn Hat
Sale Price: $70.55    Price: $83.00

Bailey Wynn is a Litefelt hat included in the Bailey Contemporary Collection. Litefelt hats are crushable, packable, water repellent and comfortable to wear. The Bailey Wynn has a 1 3/4 inch co ... Read more »
Bailey Chipman Fedora
Sale Price: $80.75    Price: $95.00

The Bailey Chipman Fedora is a super versatile trilby fedora with a simple, sleek appeal. Unadorned by bands and feathers, this clean looking hat is made from soft, flexible Litefelt for a totall ... Read more »
Bailey Inglis Litefelt Fedora
Sale Price: $80.75    Price: $95.00

The Bailey Inglis Litefelt Fedora is a clever modern fedora with a centerdent grad crown and wide unstructured 3 inch brim that slopes down in both front and back. Made from Litefelt, this hat is ... Read more »
Bailey Crowe Pork Pie Hat
Sale Price: $80.75    Price: $95.00

The Bailey Crowe Pork Pie Hat shows sometimes simple is best with a stripped down version of the classic pork pie hat. This jazzy style has a traditional telescope crown and modern 1 1/2 inch sti ... Read more »