Gatsby Hat Style

F. Scott Fitzgerald dubbed it "The Jazz Age", the era of the 1920's that saw young people indulging in music, dance, and drink by the barrel-full. It was a time of wealth and excess, when flappers and bootleggers danced to wild jazz music until dawn. Nothing reminds us of this glamorous, idealistic time like Fitzgerald's own novel The Great Gatsby and its characters Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan.

A classic novel on its own and the source of no less than 5 movie adaptations, The Great Gatsby encapsulates the elegance and decadence of a bygone era.

Jay Gatsby has become a symbol of high society class, with an easy clean style that has been emulated for decades. Here you will find hats and caps that can give you the same casual classy look that will take you from the country club to the jazz club in style and sophistication.

And for the ladies, Daisy Buchanan's free spirited 1920's flapper style gets a modern update with sleek, feminine and flattering cloche caps so you can Charleston all night and still look lovely for brunch.

Boater Straw Hat
Price: $160.00

Straw Boater Imported from Italy. We have sold thousands of this hat over the years. This hat is also know as a sailor straw and a skimmer. "Club striped" band. ... Read more »
Stetson Gilchrist Cap
Price: $55.50

The Stetson Gilchrist is a lightweight linen summer cap in the classic 8/4 paneled newsboy style. These comfortable caps are a classy alternative to the usual baseball cap, and the subtle herring ... Read more »
Borsalino Tan and Cream Plaid 8/4 Cap
Price: $97.50

The Borsalino Tan and Cream Plaid 8/4 Cap is a classic newsboy style 8/4 cap with a single snap peak. In 100% lightweight linen, this breezy cap features a neutral tan and cream plaid pattern tha ... Read more »
Stetson Hatteras Silk/Cashmere Cap
Sale Price: $104.95    Price: $129.95.00

SPECIAL SALE - The Stetson Hatteras Silk/Cashmere is a smooth silk/cashmere/wool blend newsboy style cap, with traditional 8/4 panel construction and a button crown. Its subtle herringbone patter ... Read more »
Betmar Alexandrite Hat
Price: $61.25

The Betmar Alexandrite Hat is a smooth 100% wool felt asymmetrical cloche hat with a rounded brim circled by a rippled detail and finished with a lovely looped flower. The fully lined interior an ... Read more »
Stetson Hatteras Silk Cap
Price: $98.00

The Stetson Hatteras Silk is a beautiful silk herringbone cap in the traditional newsboy style with 8/4 panel construction and button crown. The subtle tweed herringbone pattern is versatile and ... Read more »
Stetson Hatteras Linen Cap
Price: $92.50

The Stetson Hatteras Linen is a breezy linen newsboy cap with the traditional 8/4 paneled construction and button crown. A perfect lightweight cap for all your warm weather pursuits. Made in Germ ... Read more »
Stetson Hatteras Plaid Linen 8/4 Cap
Price: $122.50

The Stetson Hatteras Plaid Linen 8/4 Cap is a fun plaid cap in the classic 8/4 paneled newsboy style with a button crown. Cool and light in linen with a linen interior lining, this breezy cap is ... Read more »
Wigens Arto Linen Newsboy Cap
Price: $105.00

The Wigens Arto Linen Newsboy Cap is a handsome classic newsboy style cap with a 8/4 style paneled round crown that is topped off with a flat button. Made of lightweight 100% linen and lined with ... Read more »
Bailey Godfather Hat
Sale Price: $76.50    Price: $90.00

Bailey Godfather is a Wool Felt Classic Hat included in the Bailey Heritage Collection. The original name for the Godfather style hat was the Homburg. The Bailey Godfather has a 2 3/4" bri ... Read more »
DelMonico Godfather
Price: $85.00

DelMonico Godfather- Make a statement! Bold and unique, the Godfather is sure to turn heads with deep rich color coupled with a classic style. 100% wool felt with a 2 3/4" grosgrain bound br ... Read more »