Womens Dress Hats for Warm Weather

Womens Hats for weddings, summer parties, church or just to complete your eye-popping outfit. Wide brim picture hats, cloche, brettons and other shapes are included in our complete spring and summer collection.

Betmar Brixton Hat
Price: $149.95

The Betmar Brixton Hat is a wide brimmed sun hat perfect for your warm weather formal occasions. With a glamorously wide 6 inch brim made of light shimmery sheer fabric and a classic rounded crow ... Read more »
Betmar Bexley Hat
Price: $59.95

The Betmar Bexley Hat is a lovely classic downbrim sun hat with a light ridged texture and 4 1/2 inch shady brim for protecting against summer's sun. A wide pleated satin hat band is trimmed with ... Read more »
Betmar Brent Hat
Price: $149.95

The Betmar Brent Hat is a beautiful hat for Spring and Summer's special occasions. This flat crowned bretton style hat with a curved 4 1/2 inch brim has a dramatic silhouette trimmed with a charm ... Read more »
Betmar Staffordshire Hat
Price: $169.95

The Betmar Staffordshire Hat is an elegant picture brim hat made of lightweight straw. A classic flat crown meets a very wide sloped downbrim adorned with loops of straw and matching feathers for ... Read more »
Betmar Bristol Hat
Price: $169.95

The Betmar Bristol Hat is pure feminine fun. This frilly lightweight straw hat features a ruffled 5 inch brim and a classic flat crown shape for a comfortable fit. Trimmed with loops of satin, fe ... Read more »
Betmar Yorkshire Hat
Price: $149.95

The Betmar Yorkshire Hat is a lovely wide brimmed bretton hat with a classic flat crown and upturned 5 inch brim that makes a dramatic statement. Made of lightweight straw, this hat is trimmed wi ... Read more »
Betmar Coral Way Hat
Price: $74.95

The Betmar Coral Way Sun Hat is a tightly woven straw bretton style sun hat with a 3 inch brim, perfect for shading your eyes from the sun this summer. With UPF 50+ sun rating, this hat not only ... Read more »
Betmar Sunset Drive Sun Hat
Price: $64.95

The Betmar Sunset Drive Sun Hat will make you feel like a Hollywood starlet with its extra wide 6 inch brim and comfortable rounded crown. This UPF 50+ sun protection hat will keep the sun off yo ... Read more »
Betmar Coconut Grove Hat
Price: $43.95

The Betmar Coconut Grove Sun Hat is a perfect hat for strolling through a spring garden or soaking up the summer sun. Light woven paper straw creates a comfortable rounded crown and extends into ... Read more »
Betmar Freesia Sun Hat
Price: $46.95

The Betmar Freesia Sun Hat is a romantic flexible braid hat with a wide rippled brim and a comfortable rounded crown. The hat has a slightly darker shade around the edge of the brim and is finish ... Read more »
Betmar Orchid Hat
Price: $69.95

The Betmar Orchid Sun Hat is a perfect hat for lying on the beach. UPF 50+ sun protection keeps you safe from sunburn, while the lightweight paper straw keeps things light and breezy on the hotte ... Read more »
Betmar Gardenia Hat
Price: $36.95

SALE!! The Betmar Gardenia Hat is a sweet ruffled cloche style hat with a longer downbrim to shade the eyes and a pleated ruffle hat band for a feminine touch. The rounded crown and light 100% co ... Read more »
Kangol Sheer Diva Hat
Sale Price: $49.95    Price: $58.00

The Kangol Sheer Diva Hat is a classic sun hat with a wide trendy floppy brim and rounded crown. Comfortable and casual but dressy enough for any summer occasion, this lightweight Sisal straw bra ... Read more »
Betmar Giselle Hat
Price: $111.95

The Betmar Giselle Hat- The Betmar Giselle Hat is a sideswept hat with an asymmetrical brim and sloped crown that has a modern sculptural style. Made of smooth wool felt, this lovely hat has a un ... Read more »
Tilley R7 Town Hat
Sale Price: $99.75    Price: $105.00

The Tilley R7 Town Hat is a rain repellent raffia hat with a traditional fedora style and a wider brim that can be snapped up or down. UPF 50+ sun protection, as well as Tilley favorites like a s ... Read more »
Scala Caroline Hat
Price: $37.95

When the sun shines bright and the event calls for elegance, the Scala Caroline is the perfect hat to choose. Lightweight woven horsehair is shaped into a classic downbrim style with a wide shady ... Read more »
Betmar Sylvie Fascinator
Price: $123.75

The Betmar Sylvie Fascinator is a lovely round wool fascinator headpiece on an adjustable headband for a comfortable contemporary look. Adorned with satin flowers and a mesh veil for a dramatic l ... Read more »
Kangol Glossy Siren Hat
Price: $49.95

The Kangol Glossy Siren is a lovely new lightweight summer hat ideal for days at the beach and nights at the party. The Siren style has become a popular summer look, with a fedora inspired crown ... Read more »
Kangol Printed Band Diva Hat
Price: $55.95

The Kangol Printed Band Diva is a beautiful look for the beach or the club this summer. A rounded classic crown meets a wavy wide brim and the lightweight straw keeps things comfortable and breez ... Read more »
Kangol Printed Band Cloche Hat
Price: $54.95

The Kangol Printed Band Cloche is a classic 20's style cloche hat in a flattering low crown style. A slightly flared brim adds a touch of flirty fun, while the lightweight woven straw keeps this ... Read more »