Top Hats

The DelMonico Hatter Satin Top Hat is hand-made in the United States by highly skilled craftsmen. Produced using fine black bridal satin, or a variety of custom colors made to order.

Our custom toppers are available with a fixed crown, but are usually constructed to serve as a true collapsible top hat, and can be made in a range of custom heights on request. DelMonico Hatter also has available wool felt top hats at a more moderate price.

The DelMonico Satin Collapsible Top Hat is the classic collapsible "Opera Hat" from the old days, complete with the "POP!" sound when you open it up. Why is it called an Opera Hat? Well, they were worn at the Opera - and for ease of use, they were made collapsible so that the top hat could fit underneath your seat while you watched the show, eliminating the need to check it in the coat room.

Therefore, one would not risk losing this expensive item to an opportunistic usher, or just by getting it mixed up with someone else's hat... Keep in mind that just like the cars of the time, you could get a satin dress top hat it in whatever color you liked - so long as it was "Black." Couple this with the fact that people did not always put their names in their hat, just like today, and you have a recipe for a "hatastrophe!" Hence the functionality of the collapsible Opera Hat.

DelMonico Satin Collapsible Top Hat
Price: $340.00

The Highest Quality Satin Collapsible Top Hat. Made in USA by highly-skilled artisans using techniques that have endured for decades. This top hat is made from black bridal satin. The hat is c ... Read more »
Scala Mad Hatter
Price: $90.00

Mad Hatter shape in a wool felt top hat. We love the name! This is a Best Seller. The Mad Hatter has a 2"; brim with a binding at the edge, a grosgrain hat band and a leather interior sweatban ... Read more »
Scala Topper Hat
Price: $52.88

Scala Topper is a wool felt top hat. Wear it for that special occassion. The hat has a 2" brim with a binding at the edge. Comes with a grosgrain hat band and an interior leather sweatban ... Read more »
Bailey Ice Wool Felt Top Hat
Sale Price: $80.75    Price: $95.00

The Bailey Ice is a wool felt Top Hat included in the Bailey Heritage Collection. The Ice has a 5" Tall Crown and a 2 1/8" Roll Brim. The brim is bound on the edge with a coordinating b ... Read more »
Scala High Crown Top Hat
Price: $94.50

The Scala High Crown Top Hat is a bold look for your big event! A taller 8 inch crown gives it a distinctive look ideal for formal events, costumes, steampunk and other places where you need to s ... Read more »
Scala Low Crown Top Hat
Price: $61.88

The Scala Low Crown Top Hat is something truly special. This uniquely shaped short crown top hat is ideal for steampunk events, costumes, or formal events where you want an exciting new look. The ... Read more »