Stetson Cloth Caps and Hats for Men and Women

Stetson Hats - it's not just a hat, it's the hat. DelMonico Hatter offers a wide range of new Stetson cloth caps and hats. For casual occasions, every day wear, or special outings these versatile caps and hats are perfect for your every occasion. Breezy and cool for spring, summer and fall, you can find the ideal cap or hat here to top off any look.

Fine quality craftsmanship and the best materials make up a line of headwear that is fashionable, functional and uniquely Stetson.

With an emphasis on modern style, you will find hats here to provide protection from the sun, protection from the rain, and the perfect accent to your warm weather wardrobe.

Stetson Hatteras Silk/Cashmere Cap
Sale Price: $104.95    Price: $129.95.00

SPECIAL SALE - The Stetson Hatteras Silk/Cashmere is a smooth silk/cashmere/wool blend newsboy style cap, with traditional 8/4 panel construction and a button crown. Its subtle herringbone patter ... Read more »
Stetson Bandera Silk/Cashmere Cap
Price: $110.00

The Stetson Bandera Silk/Cashmere is a soft blend of fine silk/cashmere in a traditional ivy "flat cap" style. With a subtle herringbone pattern and exceptionally smooth fabric, this is ... Read more »
Stetson Hatteras Silk Cap
Price: $98.00

The Stetson Hatteras Silk is a beautiful silk herringbone cap in the traditional newsboy style with 8/4 panel construction and button crown. The subtle tweed herringbone pattern is versatile and ... Read more »
Stetson Bandera Silk Cap
Price: $86.50

The Stetson Bandera Silk is a smooth silk ivy style flat cap with a subtle tweed herringbone pattern. This versatile cap goes with everything and the fabric is light enough for the warmest summer ... Read more »
Stetson Kent Tweed Ivy Cap
Price: $57.50

The Stetson Kent Tweed Ivy Cap is a handsome 100% wool classic ivy style flat cap. The grey is a nice deep grey overlaid with navy blue and rust plaid. The brown is a rich rust-brown overlaid wit ... Read more »
Stetson Poteau Cap
Price: $62.50

The Stetson Poteau is a smoothly constructed paneled pub cap made of lightweight silk perfect for warm weather. The cap comes in subtle tweed herringbone pattern or sleek solid and is a more stru ... Read more »
Stetson Gilchrist Cap
Price: $55.50

The Stetson Gilchrist is a lightweight linen summer cap in the classic 8/4 paneled newsboy style. These comfortable caps are a classy alternative to the usual baseball cap, and the subtle herring ... Read more »
Stetson Osceola Hat
Price: $78.00

The Stetson Osceola is a structured linen hat in a modern trilby style. Lightweight for summer, the 1 1/2" brim snaps down in front and the low crown has a slight pinch in front. The subtle ... Read more »
Stetson Hatteras Tropical Wool Cap
Price: $78.00

The Hatteras Tropical Wool is a lightweight summer wool newsboy cap with traditional paneling and button crown. The soft fabric allows it to be worn through the warm weather months straight on un ... Read more »
Stetson Patchogue Cap
Price: $75.00

The Stetson Patchogue is a lightweight linen/tropical wool blend cap in the traditional ivy or flat cap style. The subdued glen plaid pattern and soft structure give this cap a classy-but-casual ... Read more »
Stetson Plainview Hat
Price: $78.00

The Stetson Plainview is a light summer trilby style fedora in structured linen/tropical wool. There is a stitched 1 1/2" brim snapped down in front and a slight pinch at the crown. The hat ... Read more »
Stetson Lemoor Hat
Price: $67.50

The Stetson Lemoor is a traditional trilby style hat in a linen/tropical wool blend perfect for summer. The 1 1/2" snap brim and pinch crown give it a classic feel while the sharp club check ... Read more »
Stetson Sussex Cap
Price: $99.00

The Stetson Sussex is a smoothly structured ivy cap with a sewn peak to retain shape. The bold multi-color club check gives the traditional style a bit of punch. Perfect for summertime. Made in I ... Read more »
Stetson Horn Cap
Price: $99.00

The Stetson Horn is a fine linen ivy cap with paneled construction and a sewn peak for the ideal shape. The subdued tweed pattern gives the cap a refined look while the soft light fabric allows i ... Read more »
Stetson Palmdale Hat
Price: $99.00

The Stetson Palmdale is a lightly structured linen trilby fedora that is a sophisticated choice for summer. The stingy 1 1/2" brim snaps down in front and the band matches the hat in a light ... Read more »
Stetson Geneva Hat
Price: $76.50

The Stetson Geneva Linen Fedora is a light summer fedora with a sharp 1 3/4 inch stingy brim snapped down in front and classic smooth lines for a modern take on an old favorite. Lightweight linen ... Read more »
Stetson Bandera Linen Cap
Price: $76.50

The Stetson Bandera Linen is a lightweight linen ivy style cap perfect for summer's hottest days. Softly structured, this cap comes in a variety of neutral colors to match your every whim. Made i ... Read more »
Stetson Hatteras Linen Cap
Price: $92.50

The Stetson Hatteras Linen is a breezy linen newsboy cap with the traditional 8/4 paneled construction and button crown. A perfect lightweight cap for all your warm weather pursuits. Made in Germ ... Read more »
Stetson Brown Herringbone Plaid Pub Cap
Price: $44.50

The Stetson Brown Plaid Pub Cap is a fashionable modern pub style cap with the best elements of a traditional newsboy cap worked in. A smooth 100% wool paneled body meets at the button crown and ... Read more »
Stetson Hardy Cap
Price: $85.50

The Stetson Hardy is a light linen ivy cap with a lot of style. The faded plaid pattern gives the hat a well loved look while the classic style is a popular look for those seeking comfort with a ... Read more »
Stetson Hatteras Plaid Cap
Price: $81.50

The Stetson Hatteras Plaid is a lightweight linen cap in the classic newsboy shape. 8/4 paneled construction and a button crown give this cap a traditional style, while the faded plaid pattern gi ... Read more »
Stetson Lancaster Cap
Price: $75.00

The Stetson Lancaster is a traditional 8/4 paneled newsboy cap with a button crown and sewn peak. This cap is lightweight linen with a little extra slouch, the perfect cap to wear when the weathe ... Read more »
Stetson Chicago Cap
Price: $75.00

The Stetson Chicago is a rounded newsboy cap with paneled construction and a button crown. Lightweight in linen and shaped for comfort, this cap is a great warm weather choice. Proudly made in th ... Read more »
Stetson Dublin Cap
Price: $75.00

The Stetson Dublin is a sharp structured linen flat cap with a little extra attitude. A lightweight and casual choice for spring or summer. Proudly made in the USA. ... Read more »
Stetson Boston Hat
Price: $48.00

The Stetson Boston is a sharp modern trilby with a very short stingy brim that snaps down in front. The fabric is structured light linen with an extremely subtle herringbone texture. The band has ... Read more »
Stetson Charleston Cap
Price: $45.00

The Stetson Charleston is a classic look a few special touches- the 8/4 paneled newsboy cap has a slightly oversized button crown and the linen fabric has a light herringbone texture. A sophistic ... Read more »
Stetson Buckhead Cap
Price: $74.50

The Stetson Buckhead is a sleek multi-panel pub cap with smooth construction and lightweight cotton/linen blend fabric. A popular shape for those looking for a classy casual cap. ... Read more »
Stetson Garland Cap
Price: $52.50

The Stetson Garland throws convention to the wind- this long pub style cap has a contrasting leather brim and features criss-cross contrast stitching for a totally unique modern look. ... Read more »
Stetson Savanah Hat
Price: $67.50

The Stetson Savanah Linen Fedora is a simple breezy hat ideal for beating the heat. The stingy 1 3/4 inch bound brim is trimmed in rich brown leather to match the leather hat band, and there are ... Read more »
Stetson Dayton Cap
Price: $97.50

The Stetson Dayton Linen Blend 8/4 Cap is a sharp looking modern style newsboy cap with the classic 8/4 paneled shape and button crown, short front peak, and added contrast stitching for an updat ... Read more »
Stetson Charlotte Cap
Price: $97.50

The Stetson Charlotte combines two classic favorites- the 8/4 panel newsboy cap and lightweight cotton seersucker- to create a hat that is purely summertime. Comfortable and breezy for warm weath ... Read more »
Stetson Annapolis Hat
Price: $35.00

The Stetson Annapolis is a pork pie style hat with a casual twist. Made of structured lightweight cotton madras, the all-over plaid pattern gives the hat classic charm while details like brass ve ... Read more »
Stetson St. Andrews Cap
Price: $30.00

The Stetson St. Andrews an ivy style cap ideal for summer. The smooth silk poly knit fabric is lightweight and comfortable while the wide variety of neutral colors ensure the perfect match for an ... Read more »
Stetson Tiburon Cap
Price: $29.50

The Stetson Tiburon is a military inspired cap- a very popular style- made of soft cotton. Unique circular panels add a bit of texture and the shorter peak gives it a fashionable modern look. ... Read more »
Stetson Portland Hat
Price: $32.50

The Stetson Portland is a classic casual bucket hat. The flat crown is ringed by a bold red and navy band. There are ventilating brass grommets on the sides and textured stitching around the turn ... Read more »
Stetson Palmer Cap
Price: $35.50

The Stetson Palmer is a military inspired cap with ventilating grommets for comfortable air flow. The cotton canvas fabric is sturdy but comfortable and and brim is a waxed cotton to give it a we ... Read more »
Stetson Pearl River Baseball Cap
Price: $42.95

The Stetson Pearl River baseball cap is an old fashioned style baseball cap made of rugged cotton canvas. The long peak reaches around at the sides for extra sun protection, and the cap has a vin ... Read more »
Stetson Wilson Hat
Price: $55.50

The Stetson Wilson is a weathered cotton fedora style hat with a sloped down brim and lightly pinched crown. There are ventilating grommets on the sides of the hat to allow a breeze through on ho ... Read more »
Stetson Rushmore Waxed Cotton Bucket Hat
Price: $37.50

The Stetson Rushmore Waxed Cotton Bucket Hat is a soft comfortable casual bucket hat made of rugged waxed cotton. Able to withstand any weather, this waterproof hat features a 2 1/4 inch downbrim ... Read more »
Stetson Many Cap
Price: $147.50

The Stetson Many Leather 8/4 Cap is a classic paneled newsboy cap with a button crown, fashioned here from smooth buttery leather. This cap is lined in plaid flannel for a soft comfortable fit, a ... Read more »
Stetson Paramus Cap
Price: $40.50

The Stetson Paramus is a hat made for the unexpected. The longer peak baseball style cap shades your eyes and is a smooth fitting classic cap style, but the added earflaps fold up or down dependi ... Read more »
Stetson Poulsbo Cap
Price: $40.50

The Stetson Poulsbo is a military inspired cap in comfortable faded cotton that is prepared for anything. The comfortable cap has a shorter peak for a modern look and is outfitted with ventilatin ... Read more »
Stetson Pompano Hat
Price: $55.50

The Stetson Pompano is a wide brimmed sun hat perfect for outdoor activities in the warm weather months. Made of sturdy breathable cotton, this hat features large grommets at the crown for extra ... Read more »
Stetson Rector Baseball Cap
Price: $22.50

The Stetson Rector is as classic as can be- an unadorned cotton baseball cap that is simplicity itself. The most traditional look for pure casual comfort. Available in a rainbow of different colo ... Read more »
Stetson Everett Hat
Price: $32.50

The Stetson Everett is a traditional fishing hat in a comfortable bucket style. The down-sloping brim shades the eyes from sun while the light cotton fabric and ventilated grommets allows cool br ... Read more »
Stetson Freeport Baseball Cap
Price: $35.50

The Stetson Freeport is a traditional classic baseball cap with a few subtle summer details. The cotton cap features brass grommets at the crown for extra ventialtion, and the peak has contrastin ... Read more »
Stetson Cambridge Cap
Price: $42.50

The Stetson Cambridge is a sophisticated ivy cap. Simple and stylish, this particular cap has the benefit of being water resistant cotton so it is light enough for the warmest weather and can wit ... Read more »
Stetson Andes Hat
Price: $45.00

The Stetson Andes is a stylish rain hat with a stingy brim that can be worn up all around or snapped down in front depending no your style. The simple lines of this fedora-inspired hat allow it t ... Read more »
Stetson Kane Hat
Price: $54.50

The Stetson Kane is a sleek, elegant fedora with a modern stingy brim that can be worn up all around or snapped down in front. This smooth cotton hat is treated to be water resistant, letting you ... Read more »
Stetson Rushmore Hat
Price: $55.50

The Stetson Rushmore is a wide brimmed rugged outdoor hat in tough garment washed twill. Available in sizes all the way up to 4XL! Ready to take on the toughest obstacles, the wider brim shades f ... Read more »
Stetson Tehachapi Hat
Price: $51.50

The Stetson Tehachapi is sturdy cotton canvas hat with a breezy mesh crown that is a great choice for summer. Light and cool, the solid wide brim shades your eyes from the sun. The brim has a bou ... Read more »
Stetson Rapid Falls Hat
Price: $45.00

The Stetson Rapid Falls is built for exploring. The wide brim protects from the sun while the flat topped crown is ringed with mesh to provide cooling air flow for hot weather. The hat band featu ... Read more »
Stetson Durango Hat
Price: $42.50

The Stetson Durango is a safari style hat in rugged garment washed twill. The downward sloping brim keeps the sun off while the ventilating grommets allow cool air to flow through. Trimmed in a n ... Read more »
Stetson Topeka Hat
Price: $42.50

The Stetson Topeka is a water resistant safari style hat perfect for drizzly days outdoors. The ventilating grommets keep it cool in warm weather, and the contrasting leather hat band and bound e ... Read more »
Stetson Cheyenne Hat
Price: $37.50

The Stetson Cheyenne is a wide brimmed garment washed twill hat that is great for keeping the sun off while outdoors. The sturdy fabric stands up to tough weather and the wide mesh grommets on th ... Read more »
Stetson Springfield Hat
Price: $55.50

The Stetson Springfield is a breezy summer hat ideal for your favorite outdoor activity. The open mesh crown keeps you cool and comfortable on the hottest days while the wide garment washed twill ... Read more »
Stetson Ava Hat
Price: $72.50

The Stetson Ava is a waterproof brimmed hat tough enough to wear in any weather. Dust, rain and wind repellant, this classic styled comfortable hat has a wide brim for shade in the sun and ventil ... Read more »
Stetson Olympia Hat
Price: $63.50

The Stetson Olympia is a rounded crown cloche-inspired hat. The long wide brim is asymmetrical and protects against sun, rain, and wind while the inner ties keep it securely in place in any weath ... Read more »
Stetson Atkins Hat
Price: $54.50

The Stetson Atkins is a fisherman style bucket with a traditional shape. The down sloping brim protects from the sun and the mesh ventilating grommets give the hat a little extra breathing room. ... Read more »
Stetson Madison Silk Ivy Cap
Price: $110.00

The Stetson Madison Silk Ivy Cap is a luxurious soft silk cap in a fine tweed with a lightly textured feel. The herringbone pattern perfectly complements the overlay of tonally similar colors for ... Read more »