Kangol Hats and Caps For Fall and Winter 2016/17

DelMonico Hatter presents the Kangol Autumn/Winter 2016/17 Collection, flowing with tradition and heritage, while pulsating with pure Kangol style.

The Autumn/Winter 2016/17 Kangol Headwear Collection brings together elements of Eurasian Craftsmanship, Technical Function, and Traditional Heritage.

Wool continues to be the cornerstone of Kangol Hats Autumn/Winter Collection with the Kangol Wool 504 continuing to be the most popular at DelMonico Hatter. Check out the Kangol Heritage Wool Collection for Autumn/Winter: traditional shapes such as the Kangol Wool Modelaine Beret are back, and shapes like the Kangol Wool 507 are coming-on strong.

New Kangol Hats are the variety of Aged Kangol hats with a unique distressed pattern. The Kangol Aged Barclay Hat is an especially popular look for cool weather. Another new hat this season is the Kangol Aged Bowler Hat At the DelMonico Hatter store in New Haven Connecticut the staff and customers quickly got excited about these hats.

DelMonico Hatter offers Kangol herringbone and tweed caps in a variety of shapes and styles. New exciting styles include the Kangol Corded Hiro Trilby, the Kangol Furgora 504 Cap, and the Kangol Barclay Trilby, among many others. DelMonico Hatter, Established 1908 offers great prices and fast shipping from our large in-store inventory of Kangol headwear.

Kangol enjoys a worldwide reputation for top fashion and style. Recognized by its kangaroo logo, Kangol products are marketed to top-fashion consumers in the U.S., Europe, and Japan.

Kangol Anglobasque Beret
Sale Price: $52.70    Price: $62.00

Kangol Beret - 100% New Wool. Designed in Britain. This beret has an interior sweatband and a satin interior lining. ... Read more »
Kangol Wool 504 Classic Cap
Sale Price: $40.80    Price: $48.00

LIMITED TIME SALE ON OUR MOST-POPULAR WOOL CAP. Kangol 504 Wool Cap with Embroidered Kangaroo Logo. Designed for fashion, fit and comfort. This is our most popular cap. New style interior sweatb ... Read more »
Kangol Furgora 11" Beret
Sale Price: $45.05    Price: $53.00

Kangol 11" Furgora Beret with real angora blended into the material. Popular style, plush beret. Kangol wordmark embroidered on right-hand-side of hat. Color shown is Marina. ... Read more »
Kangol Acrylic Cuffless Pull-On
Sale Price: $25.50    Price: $30.00

Kangol Acrylic Cuffless Pull-On is a returning Kangol favorite. Knit from an acrylic material, this pull-on features the embroidered Kangol Kangaroo at center-front. This is a great basic pull-on ... Read more »
Kangol Acrylic Cuff Pull-On
Sale Price: $25.50    Price: $30.00

Returning favorite Kangol Pull-On made from an acrylic material. The Kangaroo is embroidered in the center-front of this hat. This pull-on has a cuff. ... Read more »
Kangol Fully Fashioned Pull-On
Sale Price: $27.95    Price: $34.00

A wonderful item for winter, this Kangol Pull-On is made from an acrylic material. The Kangaroo Logo is on a small metal tab on the front of the cap. The cuff can be worn turned-up or turned-do ... Read more »
Kangol Wool 507 Cap
Sale Price: $54.40    Price: $64.00

The Kangol Wool 507 is a Progressive Shape with Sleek Modern Curves that is quickly becoming Kangol's most popular shape. It is made from Kangol's felted wool. Color shown is Dark Flannel. A tona ... Read more »
Kangol Wool Player
Sale Price: $51.00    Price: $60.00

The Kangol Wool Player is really making a mark with our customers. It's a Kangol original that looks great, and has become one of our most popular Kangol items. The brim can worn up, snapped down ... Read more »
Kangol Wool Arnold  Hat
Sale Price: $55.25    Price: $65.00

The Kangol Wool Arnold is proving itself to be a popular Kangol shape with our customers. The crown is slightly tapered and the brim is turned-up in the back and snapped-down in the front. The Ka ... Read more »
Kangol Wool Spitfire Cap
Sale Price: $51.00    Price: $60.00

A uniquely styled wool cap available from Kangol. The cap can be shaped to fit your the way you wear it. Kangaroo Logo is embroidered in the center back of the cap. Designed for fashion, fit and ... Read more »
Kangol Wool Monty Beret
Sale Price: $38.25    Price: $45.00

The Monty Beret is included in the Kangol Heritage Collection. It is a favorite with our customers. The Kangol Wool Monty Beret has a genuine leather band and has the Kangol Wordmark embroidered ... Read more »
Kangol Wool 504 Cap With Earlaps
Sale Price: $49.30    Price: $58.00

A Cold-Weather Version of the Classic Kangol 504 Wool Cap. This is a Kangol Heritage cap, it does not have the Kangaroo Logo. Designed for fashion, fit and cold weather comfort. The earlaps fold- ... Read more »
Kangol Wool Herringbone 504 Cap
Sale Price: $51.00    Price: $60.00

This Kangol Herringbone Cap has the comfort and shape of the Classic Kangol 504 Cap in a Herringbone Tweed material. The Kangol Name is on an Oval Leather Patch on the left-hand side of the cap. ... Read more »
Kangol Comfort Knit Scarf Hood
Price: $46.00

The Kangol Comfort Knit Scarf Hood is a genius combination of a scarf and wide feminine hood for the perfect way to stay warm this Winter. Made of a touchably soft angora blend fabric, this knit ... Read more »
Kangol Shavora Casual Hat
Price: $68.00

The Kangol Shavora Casual Hat is a classic Kangol style bell shaped bucket hat with button crown, updated for the season in soft angora blend fabric for a touchable and warm feel ideal for cold w ... Read more »
Kangol Modelaine Beret
Sale Price: $36.00    Price: $42.50

11" Kangol Modelaine Showerproof Beret. One Size will fit everyone. Wool Beret Embroidered with Kangol Wordmark. Color shown is Nude. ... Read more »
Kangol Wool Canvas 504 Cap
Sale Price: $34.00    Price: $40.00

The Kangol Wool Canvas 504 Cap- The Kangol 504 is a classic popular Kangol shape for its comfortable versatility, and now Kangol introduces the Wool Canvas 504; this cap is a perfect blend of the ... Read more »
Kangol Furgora Skull Cap
Sale Price: $42.50    Price: $50.00

Uniquely Kangol - Skull Cap made from Kangol's Furgora material. This unisex skully cap is a core Kangol product. One size fits most. The Kangaroo logo is embroidered in the center-front of th ... Read more »
Kangol Lite Felt Player Hat
Sale Price: $85.00    Price: $100.00

Kangol Lite Felt Player Hat. Lite Felt has long been a standby for many of the other caps and hats we sell. Now Kangol is offering this soft, packable wool material in a variety of their best-sel ... Read more »
Kangol Wool Ushanka
Sale Price: $63.75    Price: $75.00

Kangol Wool Ushanka. Rich wool and faux-fur Ushanka will keep you warm in the coldest of weather. Modeled after traditional Russian Ushankas, the earflaps of this hat can worn down for extra warm ... Read more »
Kangol Tweed Bugatti
Sale Price: $102.00    Price: $120.00

Kangol Tweed Bugatti is a favorite cold-weather Kangol shape, reconstructed with better craftsmanship for Autumn/Winter. Cut and sewn in Italy for Kangol. Features earflaps to you warm when the w ... Read more »
Kangol Bamboo 507 Cap
Sale Price: $45.90    Price: $54.00

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth. It is also very functional. When bamboo is made into yarn, it is extremely soft. The 507 Style is a Kangol shape introduced in recent years. The 507 ... Read more »
Kangol Seamless 507 Cap
Sale Price: $45.90    Price: $54.00

The Kangol Seamless 507 Cap- Just as the name implies, this Kangol 507- a popular classic shape- is constructed completely seamlessly in Kangol's warm and soft wool blend for a beautifully sleek ... Read more »
Kangol Cotton Adjustable Army Cap
Sale Price: $25.50    Price: $30.00

The Kangol Cotton Adjustable Army Cap is a military inspired cap with a trendy fashionable shape. Paneled construction with side eyelets gives this cap a unique look, and an adjustable buckle at ... Read more »
Kangol 3D Wool Flexfit Baseball Cap
Price: $36.00

The Kangol 3D Wool Flexfit Baseball Cap is a classic baseball style cap in smooth wool. A contrast colored under-peak adds interest and a special 3D raised embroidered logo on the front makes thi ... Read more »
Kangol Herringbone 507 Cap
Sale Price: $51.00    Price: $60.00

The Kangol Herringbone 507 is a classic Kangol shape- a sleek cap with a deep back and sewn front peak. Here it takes on elements of an old fashioned newsboy cap with paneled construction and a b ... Read more »
Kangol Chameleon Earlap Hat
Price: $56.00

The Kangol Chameleon Earlap is a cozy rounded cap with a soft, warm lining and extended earlaps to protect from the wind and cold. The hat has long tassles finished with bright cheerful pom poms ... Read more »
Kangol LiteFelt Hiro Trilby Hat
Sale Price: $89.25    Price: $105.00

The Kangol Litefelt Hiro Trilby is a fedora shape inspired by musician David Bowie and formed from water repellant, lightweight Litefelt for a packable hat that is overflowing with style. The mol ... Read more »
Kangol Textured Wool Army Cap
Sale Price: $32.00    Price: $37.50

Kangol Textured Wool Army Cap- Military inspired fashion is a huge trend right now, and this sharp army cap is the perfect accessory for a stylish modern look. A comfortable alternative to the ba ... Read more »
Kangol Linotype Pork Pie Hat
Sale Price: $110.50    Price: $130.00

The Kangol Linotype Pork Pie is a Kangol Heritage style, featuring a low pork pie or "telescope" crown and short upturned brim. Made from smooth wool blended with luxurious cashmere, this hat has ... Read more »
Kangol Linotype Hiro Trilby Hat
Sale Price: $110.50    Price: $130.00

The Kangol Linotype Hiro Trilby is a modern short-brimmed trilby with a snapped-down front and deep blocked teardrop crown. The Hiro shape is inspired by rock star David Bowie and has a unique lo ... Read more »
Kangol Origin Arnold Hat
Sale Price: $106.25    Price: $125.00

The Kangol Origin Arnold is a trilby style fedora made from smooth wool melange material. The teardrop crown is a classic look, and the brim has a flattering front snap down. The hat is trimmed w ... Read more »
Kangol Melange 507 Cap
Sale Price: $54.15    Price: $63.75

The Kangol Melange 507 Cap is a popular style from Kangol- a rounded back and smooth flat crown meet the edge of a slightly longer front peak for a close, sleek fit and modern shape that is still ... Read more »
Kangol Melange Player Hat
Sale Price: $59.50    Price: $70.00

The Kangol Melange Player Hat is a popular Kangol fedora style hat with a short brim and a flattering shape. The brim can be worn up all around or snapped down in front. Made for winter, this ver ... Read more »
Kangol Marled Ripley Cap
Sale Price: $42.50    Price: $50.00

The Kangol Marled Ripley Cap is a handsome newsboy style cap with a modern sleeker shape and rounded back. The paneled crown has a button top and the front peak is a slightly longer length. Made ... Read more »
Kangol Quilted Panel Trapper Hat
Sale Price: $59.50    Price: $70.00

The Kangol Quilted Panel Trapper Hat is a great hat for beating the cold this winter. The hat itself is a casual mix of a baseball and military cap, with a rounded paneled crown and curved front ... Read more »
Kangol Helix Cable Spacecap
Sale Price: $42.50    Price: $50.00

The Kangol Helix Cable Spacecap is a perfect blend of the traditional baseball cap and the winter knit beanie cap. The rounded crown is a soft, unstructured and stretchy knit cap, with complex wi ... Read more »
Kangol Evolve Cap
Sale Price: $51.00    Price: $60.00

The Kangol Evolve Cap is a unique new way to look at knit caps. The rounded ivy style flat cap has a paneled construction and close fit, with a front sewn to the peak to retain the shape. This ca ... Read more »
Kangol Energizer Army Cap
Sale Price: $31.95    Price: $40.00

The Kangol Energizer Adjustable Baseball Cap looks like a classic baseball style cap but it hides a fun, functional secret: it glows! Made from durable weather resistant fabric, these caps are tr ... Read more »
Kangol Varsity Check Trapper Hat
Sale Price: $37.95    Price: $47.50

The Kangol Varsity Check Trapper is an ideal balance between a casual baseball cap and a cozy trapper hat. The baseball style cap has a military inspired crown shaping and curved front peak. Ther ... Read more »
Kangol Atmos Rain Bucket Hat
Sale Price: $45.68    Price: $53.95

The Kangol Atmos Rain Bucket Hat is a weather resistant bucket hat in a classic style. The downbrim is lined with an interior "38" diamond print fabric while the crown is lined in warm, soft red ... Read more »
Kangol Nations Beanie Cap
Sale Price: $31.95    Price: $40.00

The Kangol Nations Beanie Cap is a fun cap for showing your team spirit. Keep warm cheering from the stands in this stretchy knit cap with a classic shape and close fit for a cozy feel in even th ... Read more »
Kangol Cuff Beanie
Price: $30.00

The Kangol Cuff Beanie Cap is the most classic knit cap, with a gathered crown and longer length for a cuffed brim. Thick and cozy knit fabric is doubled for extra warmth and is knit stretchy for ... Read more »
Kangol My Name is Peaky Cap
Price: $37.50

The Kangol My Name is Peaky Cap is a combination beanie and baseball cap for a comfortable, functional winter style. The crown is soft and rounded, with a single seam and tucked cuff brim. The fr ... Read more »
Kangol Corded Hiro Trilby Hat
Price: $130.00

The Kangol Corded Hiro Trilby Hat is a beautiful classic trilby style fedora with a 2 1/2 inch brim turned up in back and snapped down in front. Made from luxurious brushed cashmere blend wool fe ... Read more »
Kangol Crayon Bucket Hat
Price: $55.00

The Kangol Crayon Bucket Hat is a bold new look for the classic bucket hat. Comfortable and casual, this style has a downbrim and ventilating grommets for air flow, and the poly-blend fabric is s ... Read more »
Kangol Crayon Porkpie Hat
Price: $105.00

The Kangol Crayon Porkpie Hat is a fun, fashionable new hat with a bold take on a classic style. The handsome 100% wool hat has a modern 1 1/2 inch short brim curved up all around- snap it down i ... Read more »
Kangol Crayon Supre Baseball Cap
Price: $45.00

The Kangol Crayon Supre Baseball Cap is a fun way to brighten up fall. This fashionable lightweight baseball cap has all the traditional elements- a slightly curved front peak, rounded crown, com ... Read more »
Kangol Dorsal Stripe Beanie
Price: $43.00

The Kangol Dorsal Stripe Beanie is a traditional stretchy knit pull-on beanie with a bold striped pattern that gives it a fun look on the outside and a surprising checkerboard pattern on the insi ... Read more »
Kangol Frontier Spacecap
Price: $53.00

The Kangol Frontier Spacecap is a wool blend baseball style cap in a modern smaller shape with a rounded crown and shorter front peak. An all-over plaid pattern is a classic look for cool weather ... Read more »
Kangol Furgora 504 Cap
Price: $55.00

The Kangol Furgora 504 Cap is a furry ivy style cap perfect for the cold weather! Made from a comfortable blend of Angora wool and Acrylic, this hat is sure to keep you warm this winter! ... Read more »
Kangol Insignia Player
Price: $65.00

The Kangol Insignia Player is a fashionable trilby fedora with a short 1 3/4 inch brim that can be worn up or snapped down. The fabric is a lightweight feel, lined inside for a perfect mid-season ... Read more »
Kangol Irregular Trapper Hat
Price: $55.00

The Kangol Irregular Trapper Hat is a perfect hat to turn a snowy day into a fashion show. Full, thick faux fur pairs perfectly with a wild wool blend shell to give this hat a fun, trendy look. C ... Read more »
Kangol Kross Arnold Trilby
Price: $115.00

The Kangol Kross Arnold Trilby is a lightweight 100% wool fedora made in the USA. Lightweight but warm, perfect for travel, this handsome hat is a great choice for any occasion. The ribbon hat ba ... Read more »
Kangol Plaid 504 Cap
Price: $40.00

The Kangol Plaid 504 Cap is the ideal cap for the falling temperatures. Lightweight but warm enough for chilly days, this handsome pub style paneled cap has a button crown and comfortable Flexfit ... Read more »
Kangol Shavora Peaky Cap
Price: $50.00

The Kangol Shavora Peaky Cap combines a soft, stretchy knit cap with a foldover brim and angora blend fabric with a stylish faux leather peak for a modern updated look that is fashionable and fun ... Read more »
Kangol Stripe Lahinch Hat
Sale Price: $33.15    Price: $39.00

The Kangol Stripe Lahinch Hat is a casual bucket hat made from sturdy 100% cotton canvas fabric. The hat has a striped band and a contrast colored underbrim for a dash of color, and the downbrim ... Read more »
Kangol Track Casual Hat
Price: $58.00

The Kangol Track Casual Hat is a twist on the classic 80's favorite. The traditional rounded bell shaped bucket hat has all the style of the original, but is updated here in soft, classy velour w ... Read more »
Kangol Kross Wool Porkpie Hat
Sale Price: $85.00    Price: $100.00

The Kangol Kross Wool Porkpie Hat is a lightweight wool felt porkpie hat with a classic telescope crown and stingy 1 1/2 inch snap brim. The brushed polished finish gives the hat a silky, elegant ... Read more »
Kangol Barclay Trilby
Price: $105.00

The Kangol Barclay Trilby is an easy fit, casual feel fedora with a soft oval teardrop crown and clean, untrimmed look that can easily be made your own. Made from extremely soft 100% wool felt , ... Read more »