Golf Hats and Caps

Look great for golf, whether letting it rip on the range or ruling the back nine. Many styles and colors available.

Bailey Pirkis Cap
Sale Price: $53.10    Price: $62.50

The Bailey Pirkis Cap is a crisp summer cap in the classic ivy style, with a smooth crown and short front peak. Ideal for golf or just a stroll around town, this cheerful cap has a windowpane pla ... Read more »
DelMonico Madras Summer Cap
Price: $49.95

The DelMonico Madras Summer Cap is a bright, bold patchwork cap made for turning heads. Cheerful bright colored plaids are matched together with white contrast stitching for a fun, exciting look. ... Read more »
Wigens Wool Madras Newsboy Classic Cap
Price: $97.50

The Wigens Wool Madras Newsboy Classic Cap is a newsboy style cap woven in a bright plaid pattern. A perfect hat to add that pop of color to your cold weather wardrobe! With an 8-panel constructi ... Read more »
DelMonico Tan Plaid Patchwork Cap
Price: $49.95

The DelMonico Tan Plaid Patchwork Cap is a light, neutral cap made for warm weather. A blend of subtle colors makes this cap a versatile choice while the patchwork gives it interesting contrast a ... Read more »
Bailey Asano Cap
Sale Price: $46.75    Price: $55.00

The Bailey Asano Cap is a soft, simple cap made for summer. Washed 100% cotton is quilted in perfect diamonds for a subtle texture, and the classic lines of this flat cap are universally flatteri ... Read more »
Wigens Morgan Linen Ivy
Sale Price: $50.75    Price: $67.50

The Wigens Morgan Linen Ivy Cap is an ideal cap for summertime. Lightweight in 100% linen, this classic ivy style flat cap has a sewn front peak and a close fit for an attractive shape that is fl ... Read more »
Kangol Ventair 504 Cap
Sale Price: $33.15    Price: $39.00

Our most popular Kangol warm-weather cap. This is the Tropic Weight Version of the Classic 504 Style Kangol Cap. The Kangaroo Logo is embroidered in the center-back of the cap. This cap fits ver ... Read more »
Tilley R11 Raffia Fedora
Price: $108.95

The Tilley R11 Raffia Fedora is a soft, flexible fedora with a low profile crown made from tea-stained Madagascar raffia. Trimmed with a brown leather hat band for a simple, versatile look, this ... Read more »
Tilley R14 Raffia Fedora
Price: $84.00

The Tilley R14 Raffia Fedora is an expertly woven Madagascar Raffia fedora in a timeless shape with a centerdent crown and dimensional brim that can be snapped down or worn up all around (Front a ... Read more »
DelMonico 100% Cashmere Plaid Driving Cap
Price: $97.50

The DelMonico 100% Cashmere Plaid Driving Cap is a sleek, smooth cap of the finest quality fabric. Touchable soft cashmere is a luxurious feel, while the charming beige plaid is a simple, sophist ... Read more »
Bailey Laden 8/4 Cap
Sale Price: $51.00    Price: $60.00

The Bailey Laden 8/4 Cap is a summer weight traditional newsboy cap with a paneled top and button at the crown. Soft cotton/linen/poly blend fabric is comfortable in even the hottest weather, and ... Read more »
DelMonico Contrast Peak Rust Plaid Flat Cap
Price: $97.50

The DelMonico Contrast Peak Rust Plaid Flat Cap is a beautiful blend of fall colors ready to add warmth and style to your cold weather wardrobe. Made from 100% fine quality wool in a classic flat ... Read more »
LTM6 Tilley Airflo Hat
Price: $83.95

The Tilley LTM6 Airflo(R) is a broad brimmed, down-sloping hat. The brim width is 3 1/4" in the front and back, and 2 1/2" on the sides. The weight is 4 oz - it is designed to be very ... Read more »
Stetson Digger Shantung Hat
Price: $37.50

The Stetson Digger Shantung Hat is a breezy casual hat made for warm weather. Lightweight shantung is shaped into a 4 inch high cattleman crease crown with a pinched front for a slight Western st ... Read more »
Stetson Whippet Panama Fedora
Price: $140.00

The Stetson Whippet Panama Fedora is a summertime version of a stylish Stetson favorite in Grade 8 Panama Straw. The Whippet is blocked the same as its fur felt siblings- with classic vintage tea ... Read more »
Stetson Retro Panama Hat
Price: $61.95

The Stetson Retro is a Genuine Panama Hat hand-woven in Ecuador. This hat has a 2 3/8" brim and a black grosgrain hat band. The panama hat has the summer straw hat pinch in the crown. Thi ... Read more »
Scala Big Brim Gambler Panama Hat
Price: $123.75

The Scala Big Brim Gambler Panama Hat is a genuine panama straw hat ideal for golf and other outdoor activities. With the classic gambler crown and a wide shady 3 3/4 inch brim, this hat is perfe ... Read more »
DelMonico New Mexico Panama Hat
Price: $130.00

The DelMonico New Mexico Panama Hat is as practical as it is flattering. This handsome teardrop crown hat is made of genuine panama straw, woven in Ecuador and made in the USA. A wide 3 1/2 inch ... Read more »
Tilley TM10B
Price: $120.00

The Tilley TM10B is a breathable summer sun hat from Tilley! Built for anything, Tilly hats are designed with everything in mind! Guaranteed for life not to wear out and insured against loss for ... Read more »
Pantropic Classic Fedora Panama Hat
Price: $92.50

Pantropic Classic Panama Hat is hand-woven and blocked to the fedora shape in Ecuador. This hat has a tight, soft weave, a 3" brim and a pinch crown. The Pantropic Classic Fedora Panama Ha ... Read more »
Pantropic Montecristi Panama Fedora Hat
Sale Price: $499.00    Price: $700.00

The Pantropic Montecristi Panama Fedora Hat is an exceptionally luxurious summer hat, made from the finest and tightest weave genuine panama straw for a feel almost like fabric. Montecristi hats ... Read more »
Pantropic Panama Player Hat
Price: $87.50

Pantropic Panama Player is a Genuine Panama Hat is hand-woven in Ecuador. With its wide, 2 7/8" brim; this hat is great to wear on warm summer days. This brim is worn casual style, turned ... Read more »
Pantropic Trinidad Panama Hat
Price: $92.50

The Pantropic Trinidad hat is made from Genuine Panama Straw - Hand-Woven in Ecuador. The color is natural and it has a 3 1/4" brim. The hat is trimmed with a Black Hat Band and an Interio ... Read more »
DelMonico Caprice Panama Hat
Price: $170.00

The DelMonico Caprice is a very high quality Grade 8 Panama. Patiently hand woven in Ecuador and skillfully finished in the USA, this hat has a broad 2 3/4" brim for sun protection. Speciall ... Read more »
DelMonico Kevin Panama Hat
Price: $115.00

DelMonico Kevin Genuine Panama Hat- Handwoven in Ecuador, Straw hats are ideal for keeping the sun at bay while still looking stylish, and the DelMonico Wide Brim panama hat is an excellent choi ... Read more »
DelMonico Pub Patchwork Cap
Price: $42.50

The DelMonico Pub Patchwork Cap is a classic style Pub Cap. This hat has a unique patchwork pattern which runs diagonally across the cap giving it a sleek look. Made from a blend of 50% Wool and ... Read more »
Stetson Madrigal Coconut Braid Telescope Hat
Price: $36.75

The Stetson Madrigal Coconut Braid Pork Pie Hat is a beautifully made summer porkpie. Perfect for any golf outings, this hat will help you channel your inner Sam Snead while you're out on the gre ... Read more »
Wigens Oliver Madras Newsboy Cap
Price: $82.50

New from the Spirng 2017 Collection, the Wigens Oliver Madras Newsboy Cap is a truly fashionable summer cap. Perfect for being out on the golf course or everyday wear! This cap is made from a ble ... Read more »
Wigens Joel Ivy Campore Cap
Price: $99.95

The Wigens Joel Ivy Campore Cap is an ivy style cap with a rounded side seam which gives the hat a unique slim fit. The cap features a short, soft peak. Made from a summer weight wool fabric wove ... Read more »
Wigens Erik Cotton/Linen Ivy Cap
Price: $89.95

The Wigens Erik Cotton/Linen Ivy Cap is a lightweight summer ivy cap. Woven from a soft blend of 55% cotton and 45% linen and printed with a faded paisley print. A wonderful cap which can easily ... Read more »