Cervo Fur Felt Fedora Hats

Quality Italian Hatmaker - Cervo Hats have not been sold in the United States for many years. DelMonico Hatter is proud to have been selected as one of the very select few sellers of Cervo Hats, as they make their return to our marketplace.

Making hats since the 18th century in the Alpine valley of Biella, Italy, Cervo is one of the most prestigious hatmaking companies in Europe. Cappellifico Cervo has overcome the recent hardships of the region and emerged a worldwide success.

Their special hatmaking techniques have remained unchanged since the old days - over 70 hand processes are used on every hat and each is handmade over the course of almost 6 months- but Cervo's classic styles and distinctively high quality are what make collectors certain these are among the finest hats in the world.

Cervo Biella Fur Felt Fedora Hat
Price: $197.50

Cervo Biella Fur Felt Fedora Hat- Rich and warm as a cup of coffee, this beautiful hat will add a touch of class to any look. Handmade in Italy by world renowned hatmaker Cervo, this high quality ... Read more »
Cervo Beaver Fur Felt Fedora
Price: $525.00

Not simply a hat, but a way of life. Painstakingly handcrafted in Italy over the course of almost 6 months apiece, requiring dozens of individual processes to get their distinct look, these Cervo ... Read more »