Casual Hats

Casual Hats can be worn weekends, for business and "just hanging around." They are comfortable and make you look great. DelMonico Hatter has a full-range of casual hats including Stetson Gun Club Hats, Akubra Hats for the outback look, Indiana Jones Hats, Tyrolean Hats, Borsalino Hats and fedora hats.

A popular style with customers - especially musicians - is the telescope crown, also called a pork pie hat. It has a low crown and the brim can be worn snapped-up or snapped down.

Hats in this collection are made from either fur felt or wool felt.

DelMonico Telescope Hat
Price: $147.50

Telescope Style Fur Felt Hat. Telescope refers to the crown shape that is also called pork pie. The brim width on this fashion hat is 2". This is a fur felt hat made in the USA especially f ... Read more »
Borsalino Casual Crusher Hat - The Borsalino Marco
Sale Price: $235.00    Price: $275.00

Borsalino Casual Crusher Hat Imported from Italy. Known as The Borsalino Marco. A 100% fur felt hat that can be rolled for easy packing. This is the most comfortable hat that you will ever wea ... Read more »
Hanna Irish Tweed Walking Hat
Price: $75.00

Hanna Irish Tweed Walking Hat - 100% Pure New Wool Tweed. Hand Tailored in Donegal by Hanna. A Hanna Hat is a symbol of classic style and the timeless appeal of pure Irish tweed. Crushable, comf ... Read more »
Stetson Durango Hat
Price: $42.50

The Stetson Durango is a safari style hat in rugged garment washed twill. The downward sloping brim keeps the sun off while the ventilating grommets allow cool air to flow through. Trimmed in a n ... Read more »
Akubra Snowy River Australian Hat
Price: $149.50

The Akubra Snowy River hat has a low 4 1/4" pinched crown, 3 1/4" rolled brim, a beautiful braided leather hat band and the signature "Aussie Dip" in front and back. The Snowy ... Read more »
Stetson Catera Gun Club Hat
Sale Price: $182.00    Price: $192.00

The Stetson Catera is a high Quality Fur Felt Hat included in the Stetson Gun Club Collection. Gun Club hats can be used for outdoor activities but they also look great when used for business or ... Read more »
Indiana Jones Fur Felt Hat
Price: $112.50

We've known him for years, but Indiana Jones Hats are more popular than ever. This is the Genuine Fur Felt Licensed version of Indy's Hat. It is a Nostalgic Style with a flair all its own. The ... Read more »
Borsalino Laredo Fur Felt Hat
Price: $250.00

The Borsalino Laredo is a Genuine Fur Felt Hat made in Italy by Borsalino. The Laredo Hat is a Safari Style with a Leather Hat Band. The Clasp of the Leather Hat Band is the Borsalino Medallion ... Read more »
Borsalino Packable Fur Felt Hat
Price: $247.50

This Genuine Fur Felt Hat is Made in Italy by Borsalino. The hat is Packable, you are able to roll-up the hat for travel. After you roll the hat there are snaps that hold it in the roll-up posi ... Read more »
Borsalino Rex Brown Herringbone Wool Walking Hat
Price: $135.00

The Borsalino Tweed Walking Hat is an Italian masterpiece! Crafted from a high quality Italian wool/cotton blend, this handsome tweed hat has a herringbone pattern in a rich brown that, on close ... Read more »
Kangol Lite Felt Pork Pie
Sale Price: $85.00    Price: $100.00

Kangol Lite Felt Pork Pie- Kangol's take on the timeless pork pie silhouette. This old fashioned favorite gets an update in soft packable wool felt, with a wide matching band and brim that can be ... Read more »
Stetson Weekend Fur Felt Hat
Sale Price: $179.95    Price: $190.00

A perfectly named hat. The Stetson Weekend Fur Felt Hat is handsomely trimmed with a pheasant hat band. The hat band has nicely detailed leather tabs. Color is Walnut. The hat has a dimension ... Read more »
Stetson Osceola Hat
Price: $78.00

The Stetson Osceola is a structured linen hat in a modern trilby style. Lightweight for summer, the 1 1/2" brim snaps down in front and the low crown has a slight pinch in front. The subtle ... Read more »
Stetson Lemoor Hat
Price: $67.50

The Stetson Lemoor is a traditional trilby style hat in a linen/tropical wool blend perfect for summer. The 1 1/2" snap brim and pinch crown give it a classic feel while the sharp club check ... Read more »
Stetson Palmdale Hat
Price: $99.00

The Stetson Palmdale is a lightly structured linen trilby fedora that is a sophisticated choice for summer. The stingy 1 1/2" brim snaps down in front and the band matches the hat in a light ... Read more »
Bailey Jett Pork Pie Hat
Sale Price: $80.75    Price: $95.00

Bailey Jett is a special hat for that special occassion. Bailey Jett is a wool felt hat with a silk finish. The crown is pork pie style trimmed with a matching grosgrain hat band. There is a s ... Read more »
Stetson Andes Hat
Price: $45.00

The Stetson Andes is a stylish rain hat with a stingy brim that can be worn up all around or snapped down in front depending no your style. The simple lines of this fedora-inspired hat allow it t ... Read more »
Stetson Bozeman Crushable Hat
Price: $69.95

A cowboy hat built for traveling, the Stetson Bozeman is a 3" brim 100% wool Western hat with a slim leather decorative hat band and teardrop pinched crown. Water repellent and totally crush ... Read more »
Akubra Banjo Paterson Hat
Price: $179.50

Part of the Akubra Heritage Collection, the Banjo Paterson is named after the acclaimed Australian writer/poet of the same name. Made of the finest fur felt, this beautiful hat features a 4" ... Read more »
Dobbs Gate Porkpie Hat
Price: $82.50

The Dobbs Gate is a fine Venetian Milan Straw pork pie hat with a 2 1/8" snap brim and 4" crown. This snazzy, jazz-inspired summer straw hat is lightweight but sturdy and cthe snap brim ... Read more »
DelMonico Pork Pie Hat
Price: $82.50

Telescope Crown Pork Pie Style Hat Made for DelMonico Hatter. Wool felt hat- Brim is 1 7/8" and can either be snapped down in the front or worn turned-up in the front. ... Read more »
Stitch Mesa Hat
Price: $90.00

Stitch Mesa Hat- Handmade and hand blocked in the USA, the Stitch Mesa is a smooth wool felt hat with a very stingy 1 1/4 inch upturned brim. The band and bound edge are trimmed in matching cordu ... Read more »
Stitch Cowbell Hat
Price: $90.00

Stitch Cowbell Hat- Handmade and hand blocked in the USA, the Stitch Cowbell Hat is a soft wool felt hat with a unique cowbell shaped squared crown. The modern super stingy 1" rolled edge brim is ... Read more »
Stitch Diamond Hat
Price: $90.00

Stitch Diamond Hat- Handmade and hand blocked in the USA, the Stitch Diamond Hat is a diamond crown fedora style wool felt hat with a stingy 1 1/2 inch bound edge brim. The hat is trimmed in a st ... Read more »
Bailey Jackman Hat
Sale Price: $89.25    Price: $105.00

The Bailey Jackman Hat is a perfect hat for travel. Made of lightweight soft wool, this fedora crown hat has a 2 1/2 inch casual brim and thin hat band. The hat is packable, crushable, and comes ... Read more »
Dorfman Water Repellent Safari
Price: $39.95

DPC Outdoor Water Repellent Safari Hat. Made of treated washed twill to withstand any stormy weather. Antique eyelets for ventilation on the crown and a 2 1/2" brim make it great for outdoor ... Read more »
Jonathan Richard Liffey Tweed Walking Hat
Price: $102.50

The Jonathan Richard Liffey Tweed Walking Hat is a traditional Irish walking hat updated with a little modern style. Made from 100% wool woven in a handsome herringbone tweed pattern flecked with ... Read more »
Bailey Chaplin Bowler Hat
Sale Price: $116.88    Price: $137.5.00

The Bailey Chaplin Bowler Hat is a brilliant warm weather version of the classic round crown derby. Made of lightweight panama straw with a flexible 2 inch bound edge brim, this hat features a wi ... Read more »
Jonathan Richard Dark Grey Tweed Walking Hat
Price: $105.00

The Jonathan Richard Dark Grey Tweed Walking Hat is a comfortable, casual favorite perfect for lazy day activities. Warm 100% wool handwoven tweed makes up the center dent crown and short 1 3/4 i ... Read more »