Bailey Contemporary Style Hats

Bailey of Hollywood Contemporary Style Hats. Bailey has a dynamic Collection of fine hats with a modern flair. These hats feature smaller brim widths, shaped crowns, braid material and unique trimming.

DelMonico Hatter, U.S. Hat Retailer of the Year, has a full selection of Bailey Contemporary Hats to suit your style.

Bailey Mannes Hat
Sale Price: $51.00    Price: $60.00

Bailey Mannes is a multi-colored braid straw hat with a textured hat band that goes well with the color of the hat. The low c-crown shape measures 3 3/4"; it has a pinch. Bailey Mannes has ... Read more »
Bailey Spencer Litestraw Hat
Sale Price: $63.75    Price: $75.00

Bailey Spencer is a Litestraw(R) hat included in the Bailey Casual Straw Collection. Crown on this hat is teardrop style. The 2 3/8" casual brim can be worn turned-down all the way around. ... Read more »
Bailey Salem Packable Hat
Sale Price: $51.00    Price: $60.00

The Bailey Salem Hat is a classic braid fedora with a center dent crown and 2 inch snap brim. Flexible and soft, this hat is finished with a bright striped band for a cheerful and elegant summert ... Read more »
Bailey English Derby
Sale Price: $191.25    Price: $225.00

Bailey English Derby is a fur felt hat with a stingy rolled brim. The crown is derby/bowler style, fully lined and trimmed with a grosgrain hat band. This hat was a standout on the runways. Th ... Read more »
Bailey Wynn Hat
Sale Price: $68.00    Price: $80.00

Bailey Wynn is a Litefelt hat included in the Bailey Contemporary Collection. Litefelt hats are crushable, packable, water repellent and comfortable to wear. The Bailey Wynn has a 1 3/4 inch co ... Read more »
Bailey Darron Hat
Sale Price: $68.00    Price: $80.00

Bailey Darron Telescope-Crown Hat - New from Bailey and Made in USA, Darron has a telescope crown and a 1 1/2" brim that can be snapped-down in the front or worn turned-up all the way-around ... Read more »
Bailey Elliott Trilby Hat
Sale Price: $51.00    Price: $60.00

The Bailey Elliott is a straw braid trilby style fedora with a pinched front crown and snapped down 2" brim. This contemporary looking straw hat has a simple fabric hat band and is a light b ... Read more »
Bailey Gorman Hat
Price: $57.50

The Bailey Gorman Hat is a sharp looking flexible braid fedora with a vented center dent crown and 2 inch snap brim. This hat has a contrast colored brim edge and matching hat band trim for a bol ... Read more »
Bailey Mannesroe Hat
Price: $57.50

The Bailey Mannesroe Hat is a flexible braid fedora with a classic center dent crown and 2 inch snap brim. This handsome hat is multi-colored, with a solid crown and multi-braid brim. The hat ban ... Read more »
Bailey Castro Hat
Sale Price: $59.50    Price: $70.00

The Bailey Castro Hat is a bold new fedora from Bailey. Made of a multicolored melange yarn braid, this cleverly braided hat has a center dent crown and 2 inch snap brim, and is trimmed with a ma ... Read more »
Bailey Greyson Hat
Sale Price: $55.25    Price: $65.00

The Bailey Greyson Hat is a soft, flexible braid fedora ideal for summer's adventures. Packable and comfortable, this lightweight summer fedora has a centerdent crown and a 2 inch brim that can b ... Read more »
Bailey Chaplin Bowler Hat
Sale Price: $116.88    Price: $137.5.00

The Bailey Chaplin Bowler Hat is a brilliant warm weather version of the classic round crown derby. Made of lightweight panama straw with a flexible 2 inch bound edge brim, this hat features a wi ... Read more »