Bailey Outdoor Hats

The Bailey Wind River Collection - these hats are geared for the weekend or for outdoor wear, and will keep you warm and dry while looking great. The Collection includes hats and caps with earlaps and straw hats for the hot sun. Good gift items for College students in extreme climates!

Bailey Dalton Safari Hat
Sale Price: $46.75    Price: $55.00

Bailey Dalton is a water repellent hat. Dalton has a pinch crown, a 2 5/8" brim that is worn turned-down all the way around, and a leather hat band. Included in the Bailey Windriver(R) Col ... Read more »
Bailey Graham Cap
Sale Price: $38.25    Price: $45.00

Bailey Graham is a full-shaped cap with a leather tab at the back. Color shown is Tan. Graham is in the Bailey Windriver(R) Collection; a great hat to wear in all weather conditions. ... Read more »